Enjoy lanes in our own ways

I WAS interested to note that my letter of two weeks ago regarding the use of motorcycles on green lanes has generated some responses in last week’s edition.

My letter if you recall was intended to highlight the intolerance of some countryside users with a plea for more tolerance as we all wish to enjoy the countryside in our own way.

Sadly, both Patricia Stubbs and Wendy Neilson have displayed in their letters the intolerance to which I referred.

Wendy wants to extend her empire to green lanes and ban vehicles in spite of having six times more bridleways than green lanes and Patricia offers no reasons but quotes pointless statistics about the perceived dangers. I question who took part in this opinion poll which I note is eight year old. However, I am not aware of any accidents on green lanes.

It seems these letters prove my point about the intolerance and prejudice of people who believe they have the rights over other users and only their activities should be allowed.


Old Tupton