EDITOR’S COMMENT: Say thank you to those who gave their lives for democracy - GO VOTE!

WEEK-IN-WEEK-OUT the Derbyshire Times postbag and email inbox are odds-on to contain correspondence decrying some policy or other being undertaken by ‘The Council’.

Whether it’s the controversial Queen’s Park Leisure Centre plan, or the number of potholes on the roads, people are quick to sling mud at ‘The Council’.

Well Thursday presents Derbyshire people with the opportunity to choose who gets to lead Derbyshire County Council – which is NOT responsbible for Queen’s Park, but IS responsible for potholes, education, school meals, care homes, libraries, fire stations, buses, local tips and more.

People in all sectors of our community will use a Derbyshire County Council service, guaranteed. Over half a million people are eligible to vote on Thursday – so I implore you you to get off your backside and make a difference.

Too many people sit back of the mind that their vote will not make a difference. Well in 2009 – the last time the opportunity arose to make a difference – you DID make a difference. You decided you were fed up of Labour running the show, and stuck the Conservatives in power. Are you happy with the way the aforementioned services have been run over the last four years?

Prior to 2009, Labour sat pretty in power at DCC for the best part of three DECADES. Do you want to go back to the old administration? Perhaps you feel Labour weren’t worthy of your vote four years ago, and nothing has changed? That said, you might want to bloody the nose of the presiding party and plump for a completely different direction altogether.

There is a full list of the runners and riders on the Derbyshire Times website. Simply key in – http://tinyurl.com/cf6ce4x – to your computer, and make your mind up who gets your vote, and give them a chance by making the short trip to your nearest polling station. If you don’t vote, you’ve only got yourself to blame!

by James Mitchinson, Editor