EDITOR’S COMMENT: Local jeweller’s generosity bought a tear to my eye

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IT’S difficult not to take your work home when you’re a newspaper editor – and I’m not talking about fiddling about with the laptop and smartphone incessantly, or reading pages into the wee small hours.

I’m talking about the effect some of my reporters’ work has on me as a person.

Far from the world’s most earth-shattering tale, last week’s account of an elderly gentleman having his gold watch stolen from his wrist, as a callous couple tricked him with a kiss, left me incandescent with anger.

Whilst it may not have made Sky News, it was a life-changing moment for 81-year-old Colin Greaves whose faith in humanity was left in tatters.

The sense of injustice I felt as I read Ellie Hunter’s account of the incident weighed heavy, and I insisted that the Derbyshire Times and indeed the people of Chesterfield had a duty to at least try to put this wrong right.

That’s where family jewellers Stuart Bradley come in. The moment Danny Bradley heard Ellie’s plea, he didn’t hesitate in stepping up to the plate, and immediately confirmed he and his local company wanted to restore Mr Greaves’ faith in people, and indeed mine.

And the Bradleys didn’t just come up with any old replacement, they sought out one as close to the stolen watch as they possibly could, proving local firms really do go the extra mile for local people.

So now, rather than a senior gentleman sitting at home at night, assuming the world has become an evil and unforgiving place, he has his smile back.

I’ve said it before and I’ll carry on saying it as long as I’m in the Editor’s chair at the Derbyshire Times – myself and my team are here to help YOU, the people of Chesterfield and beyond. But we couldn’t do it without the help of local people and local businesses.

So next time you’re out shopping for a bit of bling for the other half – just remember what Stuart Bradley’s did.

by James Mitchinson, Editor