EDITOR’S COMMENT: Don’t accuse local newspapers of simply peddling doom and gloom

ALL too often newspapers and the media in general are accused of wallowing in grief, and peddling doom and gloom in pursuit of a cheap sale.

Times many I find myself defending my newspapers, and indeed my journalists who pride themselves on seeking out and publishing far more tales of inspiration and courage than they do of woe and destruction.

And so there are two tales in particular this week that make an Editor sit back and smile, in the hope that other people will do the same.

It is for personal reasons that the sea of pink ladies taking part in the Race For Life made me want to give the story prominence.

Just a few months ago I lost my father-in-law to bowel cancer. He was 58 years old and fighting fit, prior to his diagnosis. Within 18 months, he was gone, leaving behind three devastated children, a grandson and of course, a devoted wife.

My wife will be running the Race For Life along with her younger sister in his memory this weekend, looking to raise as much money in aid of cancer research as they possibly can.

It’s important to remember that every single one of the women who bust a gut on Sunday in memory of a loved one will have a story to tell.

It may be one of success in the face of absolute adversity, but it may also be one of tragedy and loss.

And so to each and every person that took part in this year’s Race For Life –I salute you, and I shall be doing my bit this weekend to fight for the cause.

I also didn’t want to pass without a mention the heroism of Matthew Conway (p1) who undoubtedly saved the life of his brother Michael. He deserves a medal. And they say ‘kids these days’ aren’t what they used to be? Poppycock!

by James Mitchinson