EDITOR’S COMMENT: Car parking wars get under people’s skin

REGULAR Derbyshire Times columnist and frantically busy working mum Anna Melton dares to handle one of little Britain’s hottest of hot potatoes, this week.

She has nobly ventred into ‘Dozy Parkers’ territory, a place where all motorists at some point or another will have felt their blood pressure rising.

You see, people become very territorial in car parks. Disabled people quite rightly have bays marked out that are there to make their lives a little easier.

The same goes for parents who have a youngster in tow. However, we all know that from time to time, not everyone abides by the rules.

Huge gas-guzzling 4x4s can often be seen astride white lines as their owners struggle with the dimensions of their vehicles which can only have been purchased to compensate for something.

Then there’s the owners who think that deliberately straddling two bays will stop anyone parking near to them, and so prevent any unfortunate dings or scratches.

But for all the various car-parking stereotypes, the question remains: how do we police these inconsiderate people?

There are those that say, give those eligible for legitimate parent and child status a type of ‘blue badge’ akin to that used by disabled people to declare their right to a bit of leeway as to where they are entitled to park.

Sounds like a good idea, and it just might work. But should it have to come to that? Surely we are not in an age where the state has to enforce a bit of common sense and courtesy upon us?

Leaving that parent and child bay empty is the same as standing for a pregnant lady on a bus or train. It’s just what you do as part of your make up as a decent human being, isn’t it?

As for the cretin who fired a foul-mouthed volley of expletives at a mum struggling to keep her children safe from passing cars –shame on you. Perhaps one day you’ll find yourself in her position.

James Mitchinson, Editor