Easy answer to match-day parking

I AM a lifelong supporter of Chesterfield Football Club and a season ticket holder for home games.

The community can be rightly proud of the new football Stadium at Whittington Moor, but I have great sympathy for the local residents who suffer considerable inconvenience from on-street parking in front of their homes on match days.

Obviously the planners should have made proper provision for sufficient car parking to avoid so much overspill on to adjacent residential streets.

But, even now, there is a simple answer that seems so obvious.

I suggested it at the Dunston Moor and St Helens Community Forum: that the former Tesco store car park should be opened for use on match days.

This was met with indifference, although someone suggested that Tesco would want a high fee to let this car park be used.

Other councils have negotiated good deals from Tesco before allowing big new stores.

It seems a serious oversight and lack of concern for local residents that this Council has neglected to, at very least, negotiate free use of the old Tesco car park to relieve the misery of local residents.

When Tesco claims to be concerned for the community then, even now with a little will, the Council could press them to turn their words into action and allow free use of a car park that is completely unused.

This would bring major benefit for the Whittington Moor community.


Whittington Moor