Don’t risk life and limb on the roads

AS a retired driving instructor with a 55-year clean driving licence, including HGV and PSV, I read with interest your “Respect on the Roads” campaign.

If every driver had to pass a ‘patience and tolerance’ test our roads would be empty.

It’s all very well risking life and limb to get past the car in front but they will still pull up behind you at the next traffic lights.

Driving dangerously may reduce your journey time to half an hour – but drive safely and you will do it in 30 minutes.

Remember the old story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Something else I always tried to impress upon my pupils was some defensive driving.

Always stop so that you can see the rear wheels of the car in front. If you are hit in the rear, you will not be pushed into the car in front, thereby involving three insurance companies.

If you are bumped up the rear, don’t automatically jump straight our of your car.

Keep your doors locked and window down one inch. Evaluate the situation first. If frightened refuse to open your window or get out, get your mobile phone and threaten to ring the police.

When waiting to turn right at traffic lights or road junctions, always keep your steering wheels straight if you angle them for the turn and someone rams you from the back, you may be pushed into the path of oncoming traffic.

Always keep your doors locked and at least, passenger side windows up, in slow moving traffic.

You don’t want some ‘yobbo’ jumping in and threatening or robbing you.

Keep valuables out of sight. You ladies are the worst culprits with your handbags on the passenger seat in full view. It only takes a micro-second to smash the window and grab something – use common sense.

There is lots more to learn about defensive driving but at least here are a few.

And finally, always park your car in low gear on a hill, handbrakes are not always enough.

Happy motoring.