Don’t repeat past mistakes: But look back with pride

With regard to comments from the ex-miner of Clay Cross, I would like to say that NO Children were forced to march on the Hilltop protest, they were at the front of the demonstration leading the way.

I’m an ex coalface electrician. My father, grandfather and great grandfather all worked in the colliery, so don’t try and tell me about people and families that have ‘coal in their blood’.

And what’s more, as a father I am more concerned about dust in their lungs. This is not coal mining, it is ripping the countryside apart for the financial gain of a few.

Mining may be our heritage, but we have paid a terrible price for it, with hundreds of mine workers killed over the years and thousands suffering from all types of industrial diseases – many of the men I worked with at Markham are suffering to this day.

Look back with pride by all means, but we should not continue to make the same mistakes of the past.

Steve Orwin

403s Coalface Electrician

Markham Colliery