Don’t pay the car parking ticket scammers

In answer to the letter by Diane Williams (Derbyshire Times, December 29), last February my daughter parked in the Netto car park.

But even though she was entitled to park there, being disabled, there was a parking ticket on the windscreen when she got back.

It is what is known as speculative invoicing when they issue these sort of parking tickets.

The supermarkets allow these scammers to operate to deter people who are not using their shops.

But the truth of the matter is, no parking fine issued by a private company is legally enforceable.

Whether it be, Tescos, Netto/Asda, Halfords or anyone else, they can ‘fine’ you until England win the world cup, but you can throw them all in the bin.

Do not pay.

They can’t do anything about it at all – they will harass you with letters (and phone calls) but just ignore them.

If you feel threatened by them, tell them so and that you will call the police if it continues.

Their parking tickets are not legally enforceable and they have no grounds to actually fine you at all.

Not one case has ever, ever been successfully brought before an English court.

My daughter did get a letter and two phone calls, from someone claiming to be their company solicitor, but they soon realised that they could not frighten her into paying and gave up.

Mr H Wapplington

By email