Dog fears

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I frequently write in for a good moan - as befits the name. My last letter concerned a “dog related” incident in Holmebrook Valley Park. Now I find myself very much at “the pointy end”. On August 15, just before 9am, I was walking my usual route through the park. From nowhere a small dog appeared and started a prolonged attack around my lower legs and ankles. The owner, who was way ahead in the park, realised what was happening and dashed back to retrieve her dog (which continually ignored all her commands). Although the owner was profusely apologetic, it did not alter the fact that her dog was out of control and should have been on a leash.

Had I been a young child the consequences would have been far more serious. It further did not help that I was extremely distressed, required emergency doctor’s attention, a tetanus check and a course of antibiotic.

I have since contacted my MP and the local council in the hope of finding out what they are going to do to address this fast escalating problem.

Mona Smith