Doesn’t sit well

On reading your article on Renishaw Hall, I just had to reply. It may not be as eloquent as I would have wished but it is coming from the heart.

On one hand the Sitwell family are asking for people to volunteer to keep their historical heritage. On the other they are in cohoots with Waystones to develop a large amount of their land to the north of Harlesthorpe, which is green field, category II farmland between a nature reserve and a conservation area.

They are proposing housing, business and industrial parks.

For this to integrate with Clowne they would have to build an A road, which would entail demolishing several historical buildings in Clowne, together with ruining a Grade II listed farmhouse and surrounding flaura and forna.

Perhaps it would be a better idea to develop land in their grounds and build affordable houses so that the poor people on benefits only have to walk across the lawns to volunteer for work.