Do M1 restrictions really keep us safe?

As someone who has to use that stretch of motorway quite often I really would like the Highways Agency, or whoever does the planning to tell me why that amount of motorway, 28 miles, has to be restricted in one go and for such a length of time , especially when you can drive through the roadworks on any day , at any time of day or night and see very little activity, and when there is only on a few hundred yards at a time.

As for the 50 mph limit it seems to me to be totally indiscriminate, i.e. , same limit in the middle of the night as it is at busy times during the day , also when it is busy you find all vehicles bunching which is, without doubt, very dangerous.

When the highways agency say it is for our safety , I wonder if they have investigated the reasons for the number of very frequent accidents that have occurred on this stretch?

Chris Smith