Disgust at plans to close public toilets

I AM writing to express my absolute disgust at Bolsover District Council’s proposal to close the only public toilets in our town in order to convert them into another retail unit. The matter is about to go to discussion at the planning committee.

There are a number of points here; Having travelled extensively around Europe and South America I can say that without exception every town I have been to has had a public toilet available and yet our council seem to think that residents and visitors to Bolsover don’t need one. The arrogance of the anonymous official who dreamed up this scheme is beyond belief. He/she wants to close the only disabled facility in our town and deprive the hundreds of daily users of this facility too.

This imaginative official is clearly of a mind that the business community of our town will provide use of our toilets free of charge to a desperate public, customers or not. Well that’s simply wrong. So far as I’m aware, excepting the pubs in town, our toilets are only accessible through private areas and inaccessible to the disabled. This is not a facility that can be cut to save cash; going to the toilet is an essential daily action for everyone. Cllr Keith Bowman a while ago stated he wanted Bolsover to be ‘the Bakewell of NE Derbyshire’; what an imagination he has with no river, no ducks, and they hope no toilet. Probably no tourists either.

These people forget in our modern age that they are Civil Servants; look it up, they are supposed SERVE the interests of the community, not play at business. This council exhibit no thought for the people here, nor for our visitors to this town. If they did, they’d be looking at altering the council building to a leisure centre instead of hinting at a supermarket we don’t need. They should be looking at how to get European and lottery funding to build it rather than doing business on a golf course with supermarket executives who hint at this and that. Would someone like to tell me which other town in the UK is backward enough to have no toilet?

Tim Levers