Disarray is no surprise

I HAVE read with increasing interest your articles regarding Bolsover District Council, and readers replies. And it comes as no surprise to me at the total disarray they find themselves in.

From 2004-2008, I worked for Derbyshire Constabulary as an Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, and covered the whole of Bolsover D C area, and worked very closely with their housing, and anti-social behaviour teams.

The huge wages being paid out during that period were obscene. Many staff never left the building, or even their office.

And the amount of outstanding rents which were owed, was colossal. I personally know of two families who owed £14,000 (£6,000 and £8,000) between them. I am not sure how much rent these families were being charged per week/month, but I would imagine that it would take several years to run that sort of an amount up!

There were some very genuine hard-working staff, but they were overshadowed by many who couldn’t care less on huge wages!

Malc Emberton