Different way to donate

If I knocked on your door or stopped you in the street and asked you for your bank account or credit card details, I assume that you would tell me where to go.

But what if I was wearing a jacket with a charity name on it, a badge with some photo ID. that you could not check - and perhaps a clipboard with some printed forms? Some people actually do let total strangers walk away with their important financial data -almost unbelievable!

If you want to support a charity, that is great. But make sure that you approach the charity directly yourself; that way you ensure that they get all of the money that you are donating.

I certainly didn’t realise how much these ‘chuggers’ were making for themselves, perhaps that is why they are so pushy and almost abusive when you refuse.

In these tough times if you want to give something that is beyond price and yet will cost you nothing, why not sign up to be a blood donor. You will be pleased that you did - but nowhere near as pleased as the unknown person who was so desperate for your help.