DEBATE TIME: Derbyshire Times readers have their say on migrants, the marathon and Corbyn

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Here’s a round up of what our readers have been writing to us about this week....

Catherine Bradley responded to D.Wright’s concerns about disruption to motorists during the Chesterfield Marathon...

Read their letters here...

Road closures will create no-go areas

Minimum impact for motorists on Chesterfield Marathon day

Sally Lemsford urged people not to turn their backs on the refugee crisis...

Don’t turn your back on refugee crisis

And Alan Armstrong gave his views on the reasons behind mass immigration

Divisions in our once great country

Emma from Chesterfield wants answers from the council on a number of issues...

Council, listen to us, the general public

Gwyneth Francis has advised undecided voters to read some of newly-elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s policies before heading to the polls...

Read up if you want to axe Victorian values

We want to hear what you have to say on all of the above issues and anything else you want to tell us about.

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