Dangers of cycling on Derbyshire’s roads

I read with interest the article on safe cycling for children in our areas.

Derbyshire must be one of the worst counties for promoting safe cycling.

Yes, we have some leisure routes mainly consisting of limestone which are not really suitable for cycling in wet weather. But when it comes to either safe cycle paths, or even marked out sections at the edges of roads, as far as I know, these are virtually non existent.

In our area, and in Bolsover District, I cannot think of any, and I cycle. Travelling between the villages around our area is essential in order to get to work, school, leisure centres etc.

We are supposed to cut down on using our cars, then let us have some safer cycle routes.

We have the same problem of the possibility of subsidies being withdrawn for school transport. That is, children travelling from Whitwell and Creswell to Clowne School. This involves travelling along the busy A616 from Creswell to Clowne. A very dangerous stretch of road with no speed restriction and never any speed checks along it.

There is a poorly maintained footpath that we have been campaigning for years to have upgraded to a cycle path. All to no avail.

One cyclist was killed in 2005 along this stretch of road, and more recently, a cyclist knocked off his cycle and is in hospital with serious head injuries. Yet, this is not a dangerous enough road for anything to be done according to the police.

We would support groups wishing to promote safety of any cyclists on our roads.