Court report is a ‘retrograde step’

I was disappointed to see the inclusion of “Reports from the Courts” in last week’s Derbyshire Times..

When someone has committed a crime and paid the penalty, it should end there, in my opinion.

The inclusion of these reports smacks strongly of “naming and shaming” and is a retrograde step on the part of the Derbyshire Times.

There are many interesting and successful projects to report on in and around our town without relying on space filling, cheap journalism.

Cllr. Maureen Davenport

LibDem member for Brockwell Ward

Editor’s note: Contrary to Cllr Davenport’s view we feel very strongly that the local press has a duty to inform readers of what is happening in the courts. Our motivation to introduce Reports from the Courts was not to ‘name and shame’. It was done in the spirit of Lord Denning’s statement: “justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.” We welcome other readers’ views on this matter.