Councils merger is an inevitability

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Yet again I write to your readers regarding their idiocy of their proposals to waste vast amounts of our hard-earned cash.

They say that they want to downsize the council offices; well in that case WHY move to the campus at Clowne which is LARGER and with offices THE SAME SIZE? Lunacy.

This council already shares a chief executive and other officials with NorthEast Derbyshire District Council, and merger is one day inevitable (as with Hadleigh District Council and Suffolk County Council).

When this happens, hey presto folks, another wasted investment. Three cheers for lunacy!

As I said recently in a local news interview, this isn’t corruption; it’s incompetence, laziness, and indifference from people out for self-interest, not best-interests of the community.

Turn Sherwood Lodge into a leisure centre; put a good-sized supermarket on the Coalite site! Work at the job you’re elected to do, councillors! Create jobs and destroy none.

Hark! The silence from Bolsover District Council’s councillors speaks volumes! All quiet except for one lone Green voice from Whitwell.

Tim Levers