Councillor’s view beggars belief

It beggars belief that an elected politician in the 21st century - in this case the Liberal Councillor for Brockwell Ward Maureen Davenport - could take exception to the Derbyshire Times daring to report the business of the criminal courts (‘Court report is a retrograde step’, Tim,es talk, September 1. Perhaps she would prefer it if our courts simply sat in private. Come to think of it, why stop there? Maybe we could extend the principle of secrecy to the business of councils and parliaments, too. What could possibly go wrong if we were just to allow politicians and judges to get up to whatever they liked, freed from the pesky interference of journalists and electors? When she gets a moment Councillor Davenport might like to read her own party’s General Election manifesto: “A strong and diverse media, free from government interference and pressure is essential to a free and democratic society.” (page 46, Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2010)

Jonathan Westwood