Council won’t help us in floods battle

REGARDING your article published on Thursday, July 28, 2011 (‘Members vote to keep pay).

I am in total agreement with regard to Cllr Duncan Kerr and his comment “Bolsover being a rotten Borough”.

Bolsover Council are quite willing to fight for their rights when it comes to themselves and their allowances, but are not willing to help their constituents in providing a flood alleviation scheme for Renishaw’s flood victims, and have dismissed this three times.

We have been fighting Bolsover Council since the 2007 Floods, alongside a team of highly skilled planning consultants, to address Bolsover’s every demand in proving Very Special Circumstances (V.S.C.), as this is an exceptional situation.

At the first planning meeting the chairman said he was not interested in sob stories from the flood victims, they were only interested in protecting green belt land, flooding was not their concern, even though our solution was the only one on the table at no cost to the public purse.

This situation is not a Sob story, it is a plea for their basic human rights to protect their homes and lives, which is the least a hard working Tax Payer can expect, but not according to Bolsover Council.

Steven Lunn