Conservation does not prohibit demolition

If ‘Name and address supplied’ (TimesTalk, October 13) had read the leaflet about the conservation area he/she would have found a link direct to web page in just one step.

He /she found the appraisal document voluminous and difficult to assimilate; compared to the documentation relating to the planning application it is brief and easy to understand.

A new surgery is needed, but the plans are for a building housing not just a doctor’s surgery but also a pharmacy, nursery and third-party office space.

When viewed from the south, the direction from which most people will see it, the proposed building will be an unattractive, four-storey, flat-roofed office block.

Many people are unhappy with the plans, most of whom have no connection with the Civic Society, and some are patients at the surgery.

Extension of the conservation area does not prevent the demolition of the college and its replacement with a doctor’s surgery.

It does mean that any new building has to be appropriate to its surroundings.

A new surgery is needed – the argument is about how this should be achieved. Local democracy works by listening to the views of everyone not just those from one side.

Janet Murphy