Congestion concerns

I READ with some concern regarding the article for the proposal of the major regeneration to overhaul the disused Robinson site. Whilst the news of improving the area and the creation of jobs is long overdue, I appeal to all concerned to realise the impact on the already overused and congested Chatsworth Road. I disagree with the comment of ‘stemming cross town congestion is actually one of the reasons behind the idea.’ As the writer states ‘nearby roads are packed’ but a large majority of the traffic is private and commercial vehicles cutting through Chesterfield on a road which is totally unsuitable for the amount of volume it now handles, let alone adding more traffic. With the addition of new stores and a health centre now providing more local traffic and congestion. Encouraging residents to cycle along Chatsworth Road is potentially dangerous with the narrow roads, parked cars and heavy lorries.

Residents will use their cars regardless of the local amenities that are available.

Those that are proposing this scheme must address the present congestion.

Clare Owen

By email