Concerns over wind turbine application

I would like to point out some inaccuracies in the article entitled “Solar panel plan sparks objections” in the December edition of the Wingerworth church magazine.

In the article, Mr Rhodes, named as the man behind the planning application, is quoted as saying that because of the reduction in Government tariffs the development MAY now not take place. The reduction in tariffs was announced in August the planning application was not made until October.

This application has not been withdrawn. The published plans detail the panels to be 240 double panels 3.3m high by 1m wide – not 2m high as Mr Rhodes stated.

The panels will therefore be higher than the hedge and will be seen over and through the hedge. It was also stated that 15 letters of objection had been received by Planning Officer but more than 60 individual letters and a petition with more than 60 names have been received.

No comment was made as to the fact that any development never mind a commercial development such on the agricultural land is outside the Settlement Development for Wingerworth. No mention was made at all with regard to the second planning application for an extremely large garden shed.

Anyone interested in the planning application and other relevant documents can view them by going to NEDDC website and entering S42 6QW as a search.

A concerned resident

By email