Computer still says ‘no’

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I had to write in after reading the letter from a member of the care team for Derbyshire County Council. Unfortunately this person is not the only one facing this disgusting situation.

My husband works for a care agency completely independent of the council and faces a similar situation.

He does build up a lovely relationship with the “service user” as well as their families, as no doubt does the person who has written in, only to be taken out and sent elsewhere.

There is no continuity for the service user, their families or indeed the carers.

On top of which when you provide your availability to the company you work for, they never ever give you the hours you ask for. My husband’s hours vary between 1 hour and 15 hours despite being available for almost 30 hours every week.

This then results in text messages and calls sent to my husband and other carers from the company requesting additional help as they are not able to cover all the calls.

Like your original writer you cannot publish my name or my husband will lose his job.

There is something seriously lacking in our care system and it needs to be addressed.