Computer says ‘No’, we say no computer

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I am writing in support of your anonymous correspondent who sent in the letter with the above title.

We are not even in a position where we can openly disagree with our employer if we feel that the needs of the elderly are not being met appropriately unless we want to lose our jobs.

As she is a frontline worker, she is in the prime position to give a picture of the reality of services for today’s pensioners.

The sentiments put out by this home help’s employers are in line with a lot of political issues these days. In other word’s it’s all “spin”. For “giving people greater control of their care and lives” read “ leaving them to it”.

The general public do not seem able to grasp that social workers,community care workers, dDomiciliary service organiser’s and home helps are all trying to provide a caring service to elderly and vulnerable people.

This is being made virtually impossible to do due to central and local government dictat.

How would politicians like Cameron, Clegg and Osbourne feel if the lunch time call for their elderly relatives were to be any time between 11.30am and 1.45 pm?

Or what if they were expected to be helped into their beds at 6.30pm and helped out of bed at 11am?

We shall never know and it will never happen but this is the reality for our ordinary senior citizens, many of whom served their country through World Wars!

What is the difference between the politicians mentioned previously, the high earners, tax evaders and ordinary people?

Do we not all need food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, our health needs met and clothes on our backs? I’ll tell you what the difference is Greed.

Please do not print my name and address for obvious reasons.

Name and address supplied