Community work in action

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THE Spring 2011 issue of Dunston, Moor and St Helens Community Forum Newsletter refers to the improved facilities on Stand Road Park. From the article readers would think that the council was the driving force behind the improvements.

They are not. They are all developments people in that community have said are priorities. How does anyone know that?

Over the years, Friends of Stand Road Park (FoSRP) have asked them, consulting through the annual Family Fun Days, and also through our own newsletters. As a result FoSRP has gathered the evidence needed and obtained over £150,000 of grants as well as managing the design and installation of the new amenities.

In the case of the Community Café, this has turned a run-down, rarely used room in the park pavilion into a thriving, well furnished facility which has the capacity to generate income for the Council.

All that Chesterfield Borough Council has needed to do is to give the go-ahead.


Friends of Stand Road Park