ANYONE listen to Radio 5 Live last Sunday morning and hear the item focusing on Chesterfield?

It’s not often the London-based station ventures north yet, there it was, interviewing market traders, considering the town’s future economy, exploring what’s happening at nearby Markham Vale.

Undoubtedly the announcement that Elton John was coming to town had provoked the piece but, to their credit, they’d picked up that there was far more to this story than simply a rock god coming to the patch.

Chesterfield, quite rightly, is now being hailed as a town to be reckoned with. More than that, it shines like a beacon to other struggling towns, demonstrating what can be achieved when communities come together with a determination to make good.

It no longer pays to sit back and hope someone else will do the work. But local people have always known that. It has been clear to us all along that this is a special town of special people who are determined to make a difference despite uncountable odds stacked against them. And now, despite the continuing economic gloom, we’re starting to see the benefits (and by that we don’t mean a slot on a national radio station).

Our front page today is a celebration of how far we’ve come - and an affirmation of a brighter future ahead.