THE Derbyshire Times held its first ever Best in School Awards this week - and what a wonderful evening it was.

It’s not often we get a chance to say thankyou to the people tasked with the hugely important role of setting our children on to the right path in life and this was just that occasion.

It was great to be able to call up on to the stage those who were nominated and to see the utter astonishment on their faces on hearing they had even been nominated.

It was important to us that the awards wouldn’t just be aimed at teaching staff - that’s why a lollipop lady and a caretaker were among those honoured.

We’re fully aware, however, that for all those who were recognised there’s a whole army of others who weren’t.

We hope next year’s event will be even bigger - so start thinking now about who you’d nominate.

In this week’s paper we salute the bravery of two extraordinary young people: Mark Ellis, imprisoned in his own body by a stroke at the age of just 22, and Claire Jackson whose baby girl, Charlotte, tragically died shortly after being born.

Both have chosen to share their stories and, as a result, both will inspire so many others.

We wish them all the very best.