IT seems appropriate this week, when the entire world is fixated by the goings-on at Westminster, News International and by the outrageous activities of some so-called journalists, to remind people... we’re not all the same.

Too often recently the broadcast media has been rounding up and lambasting ‘the press’ in general, damning us all in one careless phrase.

And that’s unfair. Because there’s a whole world of difference between the national press and the regional press made up of newspapers like the Derbyshire Times.

Unlike the nationals, regional papers are accountable and responsible to the communities they serve.

Unlike some nationals we are accessible, we operate to high ethical standards and we do not operate a ‘story at any cost’ culture. Our readers matter to us. We listen to them. We uphold entirely the values laid out in the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice and, for clarity, we have never hacked a phone or used any means that we would feel uncomfortable declaring to you openly.

There is no intention here to preach a ‘holier than thou’ message. We make mistakes occasionally – but we always try to put them right.

Our message, from the heart is, please, despite what you’ve been reading and watching in recent weeks, don’t tar us all with the same brush.