WITHIN minutes of the Government announcing a new crackdown on careless/reckless driving we started to get comments from our readers.

You didn’t mince your words. All were fed-up with the reckless, careless, selfish drivers who make life on the roads so stressful for the rest of us. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond’s move to give police powers to hand out on-the-spot fines is welcomed by the Derbyshire Times. Indeed, it marks a real step forward for our Respect on the Roads campaign.

It should make all of us think twice about how we drive and how we treat other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Have you signed our pledge yet?

IT’S good to see our 100-in-100 apprentices campaign reaching the very heart of Westminster as Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins submits an Early Day Motion urging other MPs to pledge their support. Youth unemployment is a serious concern across our region and raising awareness of this important issue in the corridors of power can only be a good thing.

THE town of Chesterfield is still smiling after the Spireites secured the League 2 trophy in fantastic style, giving the fans real cause to party.

What a shame there don’t seem to be any plans for a bus top tour.