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FANTASTIC to see so many businesses at the launch event of our 100 in 100 apprentices campaign.

We are so grateful for the tremendous support which has already resulted in 31 apprentice placements being secured in the first three weeks of the campaign.

Our parents and grandparents knew the value of a good apprenticeship. Indeed the entire foundations of our society are based on a culture where apprenticeships were seen as a key to a successful working life.

Somehow, somewhere we lost something along the way. Thank goodness common sense is kicking in at last.

IT was brisk, it was windy, it was overcast and it was grey.

But that didn’t stop the hundreds of runners and a multitude of valiant supporters gathering in Dronfield on Sunday for the annual 10k run.

And what an event it was. From the astonishing, breathtaking speed and fluidity of the front-runners to the gasping first-timers who were doing it all for charity, all contributed to make it truly an event to remember. Congratulations to all who took part - whether you were at the front, the back or somewhere in between.

Same time, same place next year?