IT seems ludicrous that money has to be spent redesigning the accident and emergency department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital to try reduce the number of assaults on health workers.

As reported in today’s Derbyshire Times, the hospital is one of three selected to have its A&E department remodelled in an attempt by the NHS to reduce the, wait for it, millions of pounds cost of physical and verbal attacks.

The plan would, therefore, seem to be money well spent.

What appals, of course, is that this move is required at all.

Who are these idiots who feel it is appropriate to abuse a casualty nurse?

What kind of upbringing causes them to think it fair-do’s to treat someone trying to help them as if they were something picked up on the sole of their shoe?

No doubt alcohol and drug abuse is blamed on a significant proportion of these incidents. However that is neither excuse nor mitigation.

While we hope that the redesign - with its plans for safer and calmer environments and ‘contained receptions’ - has a significant effect on reducing violence against our wonderful NHS staff, we all know that solving the real problem is far, far more challenging.