Cobbles are a problem

While I understand the history of Chesterfield’s cobbles, they are not wheelchair friendly.

I know plenty of people have tripped over them, especially elderly people.

But today I tried making my auntie’s day, who is disabled with MS. I took her shopping around town in her new wheelchiar, but she nearly ended up kissing the cobbles a number of times.

I thought it would be safer trying to push her on the smoother parts near McDonalds, but her front wheels then got stuck between the gaps in the larger slabs, flinging her forward and she nearly ended up on the floor nose first!

This made me very angry because she could have been looking at broken bones on top of her illness!

How can disabled people go shopping around town when it is all uneven, and runs the risk of them being tipped out their wheelchair!

It would be nice if money wasn’t wasted on rubbish and it was used to improve the town to make it safer for the public!