Chips can’t offer care

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Regarding ‘so sorry but the computer says no’, I fully agree with the home help’s sentiment regarding the treatment being meted out by the council to both service users and staff alike.

I have been a home help for more years than I care to mention but this computer system is making our jobs more difficult than it needs to be.

We are asked to go to people who we have not met previously and as service plans are not regularly updated, the needs of service users are not always obvious.

We are given X-number of minutes to carry out the care, but all too often the time allocated is not long enough to give the dignity our clients should receive given the intimate nature of some tasks.

Some service users get upset because of the lack of continuity. They may see many different home helps in one week.

I am allowed travel time between calls, sometimes the time given is just right, others too long, at times the computer thinks I use a Tardis.

As home helps we try to co-operate with each other and service users to give the best care possible, but a computer is devoid of a caring nature.

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