Champions must be careful: Not another network club

I welcome the response by James Brand, Managing director of United Cast Bar in last week’s business pages.

As a Chesterfield Champion, I thank him for opening up debate to my initial letter from three months ago.

In short, my letter questioned the motive behind a handful of Chesterfield Champions. James used his article to deny this claim, suggesting a sense of cynicism behind it, going on to claim that he believed the wheat from the chaff had been sorted.

An interesting claim in itself. James, for the want of a more appropriate word, any cynicism you detect is in the interest of Chesterfield and the public.

I only question the purpose of some, when piggy backing and networking for public money.

What interests me now is: who are the ‘chaff’ because the last I looked, the Champions in question are still on the list.

In fact, since writing my initial letter, I’ve realised one of the Champions even managed to take advantage of her position as a Derbyshire Times columnist, and write an article around none other than a company she is paid to publicise.

Chesterfield Champions is in danger of becoming another networking club.

Alan Maris

Director, Alan Maris Windows