Carry on using your blue box

I’m writing about our new blue bins. I like the idea about recycling but after one week i could not get all the papers and cardboard in the insert.

The council has sent a leaflet with the blue bin to say we can save our blue box to grow vegetables in, or flowers. Wow do you think I will win Chesterfield in bloom with it.

They say you can take it to Stonegravels recycling site but what about people without a car.

They say you can put the cardboard at the side of the bin and they will collect it on the days listed. What a good idea, on a windy day it will be everywhere , all over the streets, great.

So I say don’t get rid of your blue box yet, use it as a spare bin to put all your cardboard in as i am doing then its all one place for then to collect.

lee cooper