Canal back to being a landfill site

THOUSANDS of pounds were spent on paying contractors. Hundreds of hours of work were carried out by volunteers of th eChesterfield Canal Trust, and the Waterways Recovery Group.

Now take a look at the supposedly ‘restored’ Renishaw section of Chesterfield Canal.

It has all but once again disappeared due to a combination of bank slippage, discarded rubbish and horrendously overgrown weeds.

Progressive leakage has also resulted in the canal losing a significant amount of its water.

Very soon it will require dredging once again, and re-sealing, particularly if it is to survive any potential future development of HS2.

It just seems to me a tremendous shame that the funds and resources devoted to the recent renovation of the Renishaw section appear to have been a complete waste, as it slowly reverts to being a landfill site once again.

Dave Coomber