Can we ask for a little discretion?

I write in support of WR Randell re the appalling treatment of his brother whilst using his ‘Blue Badge’ in Chesterfield.

The same thing happened to me outside the Town Hall a few years ago.

My badge was on display but may have slipped down and was slightly ‘under’ the windscreen wipers.

I went to complain in the Town Hall to be directed to the traffic office near the Market.

After about an hour I got them to rescind the fine - but only on the proviso that I “couldn’t use that excuse again”.

A similar incident occured recently in Matlock at a place I had been parking in for several years. I got a couple of wardens (passing by) to cofirm that my car was parked OK - but still had to write to be ‘let off’.

In Bolsover a warden watched me park where I genuinely thought was OK then placed a fine notice when I returned !

He could have crossed the road and advised me to move on.

The wardens are very zealous - I’ve been warned to beware several times by shopkeepers if my car is not parked exactly inside the bay.

I think a little discretion would not be too much to ask - or is the financial incentive too great ?

Joe Birkin