Can’t we all just be a bit nicer?

Sorry to write about a moan, but I have just moved to Brimington, and have been there for a few months now.

People round Brimington and Calow will be aware of the difficulty in driving along the roads, there are lots of legally parked cars, and lots of give-ways on roads (not junction but because the road narrows).

But this isn’t what I am moaning about, its about rude people who can not be bothered to say thanks, a nod of the head, a flash of the head lights or a simple wave. I know it sounds silly but we all want to get where we are going and none of us want a stop start journey, but as there are more and more cars on the roads we all have to be a little patient, and it really doesn’t hurt to say thank you.

Now some of you may argue that flashing your lights is improper use or its dangerous to take your hands of the steering wheel, but I am not asking for people to stop their car get out and shake my hand and say “thank you very much for letting me past” just a little acknowledgement, a happy smile makes everyone happy.

James Ellis