Campaign to stop this senseless cull

THE British countryside could fast become a graveyard for wild animals if the Government gets its way. A decision on killing thousands of badgers is expected in the next few weeks. They could soon be under fire – quite literally – in vast tracts across Britain in a misplaced attempt to control the cattle disease bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

The question has to be as to why we, as a nation, are persecuting our natural heritage rather than cherishing and protecting it?

We hear much talk about “culling”, but this is a misnomer.

Culling is a term used for sick and injured animals – but the majority of these animals are likely to be well and disease-free.

As it is, badgers – and other wild animals – are set to be the scapegoats for land mismanagement and intensified meat and dairy farming practices. In almost every instance it is man that has caused the problem and wildlife that pays the price. Despite a continuing fall in bTB cases in cattle in both England and Wales, and all without killing a single badger, farmers and politicians seem hell-bent on this bloody route to destruction.

Badgers are highly territorial and largely stay in one area. Killing them will cause survivors to travel to new areas. This could have the effect of pushing bTB onto farmers’ land where no bTB currently exists.

Please get involved in the campaign to stop Britain’s wildlife being blamed for poor agricultural policy and political favouritism.

Get in touch with your MP, write to the press or visit or phone 0117-944-1000 to find out how you can help.


Clay Cross