Byways were created for horses and walkers

Yet another two letters (Derbyshire Times, January 12) supporting off-road driving in the Peak District.

Whilst they emphasise the legal rights to drive over ‘green lanes’ they fail to point out that these rights, by and large, date from an era when motorised transport didn’t exist.

A ‘byway open to all traffic’ catered for the horse and cart – and people on foot.

The current policy of Derbyshire County Council is that it ‘aims to protect opportunities for recreational driving where conflict with other types of use is kept to a minimum and where this activity does not have an unacceptable detrimental impact on the environment or communities’.

Personally I fail to see how conflict between off-road driving of motor vehicles and the pursuits of 22 million other Peak District visitors, or the people who live and work there, can be avoided.

As Paul Lisi says in his letter, off-roaders need their own space, devoted to them and them alone, where they do not bother or endanger others, but not in a national park I would suggest.

David Moore

Chair, Chesterfield & NE

Derbyshire Ramblers