Bus cut puts kids in danger

I LIVE in Barrow Hill, and the 508 school bus to Springwell Community School is to be axed from 2012.

The very idea to stop another vital bus service beggars belief. I really don’t know what the DCC are playing at.

Barrow Hill is in the bottom ten per cent of deprived areas in the country so to axe this service makes no sense at all. For the children to get to school they will have to endure a 4.2 mile round walk along busy, dangerous roads in whatever weather just to get an education, or catch two buses – one to Staveley and then one to Middlecroft – which will increase the cost of sending our children to school and it’s a cost that some people in this village just can’t afford.

Neither of these two options are acceptable to the people of Barrow Hill. I’m lucky I have my own transport but many parents don’t.

What is really annoying is that children who receive free transport to school will continue to get a bus service, if this is the case why not allow children who pay for their buses to school to get on this bus. I feel as though DCC is putting money before the safety of our children and I think they have totally lost the plot.

Julie Cartledge

Barrow Hill