Blue boxes, blown paper and such short memories

Open top blue boxes for paper waste that have now been superceded by the blue bins are rightly consigned to history.

They had no cover, and consequently the contents got wet, and was blown around from the day they were emptied to the next day of collection.

Now that the paper is covered, I can get more in and because it does not get wet, the trucks can carry more.

I think the complaints are from those who just cannot live with change.

Now that plastics are being collected, my black bin is virtually empty.

As for those who complain about high winds making a mess, it was much worse before.

I only saw one box being scattered to the winds last week in the gales.

Previously, I would have seen the contents of most of the old blue open boxes being scattered to the four winds.

Three cheers for the last Liberal Democrat administration who negotiated the contract that is now saving a lot of money and improving the tidiness of the street scene; the most environmentally friendly council we have ever had.

Oh! What short memories people have.

Alan Craw