Blue bin supporter... until ours arrived

As an avid recycler I keenly read the letters from G White and Sally O’Mahoney regarding the blue bins and thought “oh stop moaning”.

Then I got ours... and they are exactly right.

I emptied our blue box into the correct sections and found the top section full after two minutes with news papers – no room for the cardboard and I’m having to use the old blue box for that now.

Getting bottles and jars into the bin is an art too.

Fit as a fiddle I am and able to lean way in. However, they were still cracking as they hit the bottom. Great for OAPs or people with movement difficulties... NOT.

The side of our house now resembles the Stonegravels recycling point.

Can I charge the council rent for all the space their bins take up. About £10 a week should do.

Another case of a bureaucrat sat in an office designing the bin instead of a sensible person who will take the time and effort or be forced to actually use it.

A good idea but shame on the council for a missed opportunity!

P Spencer