Blown away by blue bin

You ran a story several weeks ago about the blue bins.

We have nothing but problems with ours. Neighbours and other Chesterfield residents have said the same.

The bins are so flimsy that the lids blow open, even in calm winds, meaning cardboard is littering our streets and gardens.

The advice I was given by the council was to reposition the bin – this is difficult when the wind changes direction. It seems they want us to stay up all night watching our bin.

This morning, my husband was out in the street at 4.30am as the bin had blown over, scattering cardboard, glass and cans all over the street and the bin was blocking the road.

The council have claimed that the bins are made by the same company that produced the green and black bins, We have never had this trouble with these coloured bins.

If the council cannot resolve this problem we are going to stop using the bin altogether, which is a shame as we would like to recycle but the council is making it inconvenient for us.

Hannah Shaw

By email