Beware rogue collectors

MACMILLAN Cancer Support has been notified that local people are receiving fliers through their doors asking for donations of clothes, bedding, mobile phones and jewellery which will be sold to raise money for Macmillan.

Macmillan would like to make it clear that the charity is not connected with this flier which has been produced without its knowledge or permission.

We would ask that people do not make any donation as a result of this flier as it is highly unlikely that the charity will benefit in anyway.

The police have been notified.

Macmillan is not asking for donations of clothes and household goods at present.

If anyone would like to find out how they can support or work with people affected by cancer and be sure that all their donation comes to the charity could I suggest they visit our website or ring 01925 846740.”


Macmillan Head

of Fundraising