Better ways to spend cash

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I think it is totally wrong that the NHS should be paying pregnant mothers to quit smoking as if the NHS has money just to throw away.

Instead the NHS should be using the money in the local hospitals in paying for extra cleaners and important things.

On the June 17, 2011, I was admitted to hospital at 22 weeks two days pregnant where I was put in a room off the labour ward where there were still specimens from the previous person in the en suite toilet, overflowing waste bins and dirty plasters on the floor.

The room was freezing and pretty disgusting even the equipment which the midwifes needed like blood pressure monitors and doplers to listen to the babies heart beat didn’t work.

On June 18, my baby son Dennis Noel Evans, was born at 8pm, weighing 1lb 2oz.

He lived for just one hour in that room.

My husband and I wanted him laid at rest in Brimington Cemetry. We had to pay £620 funeral expenses and we have been hit with another bill for £153.00 in cemetery fees which we have no choice but to pay. Surely the Government/NHS should be helping people like us who had no choice in what we have had to go through where pregnant people have the choice to smoke or not.

Mrs Nicola Evans