Beside myself with telephonebox rage

NDET 19-11-12 RKH 9 Phone Box Eastwood park Hasland.
NDET 19-11-12 RKH 9 Phone Box Eastwood park Hasland.

I am beside myself with rage that the matter of the phone box, relocated to the Memorial Gates apron of Eastwood Park, Hasland last winter as part of the traffic signallisation of the Hasland Toll Bar, has now had the mechanism replaced.

This after months of effort to get the box removed.

Its location, within the Memorial Gates apron, is so inappropriate and should not have been allowed.

Please will someone get the legal departments of Derbyshire County Council and Chesterfield Borough Council to look into this matter and resolve it.

It is not too late and must be done if we are not to lose the significance of the Memorial Gates in the centenary year, 2013, of the park.

A great deal of effort has been put in over the past six years to secure the rejuvenation of the park and, as you are all well aware, Heritage Lottery Funding is currently being spent on massive works so it is really important to get the matter of the re-relocation of the box resolved.

The Friends of the Park, Hasland will work tirelessly to get this box relocated to a more appropriate site.

I welcome your comments on this as a matter of urgency.

Barbara Arrandale

Chair, Friends of Eastwood Park, Hasland

01246 239 897