Ban outdoor cats

On the subject of dirty dogs (Times Talk, Feb 16) I agree that all pet owners should pick it up and bin it, however there is another pet that is totally uncontrolled - cats.

It seems that cat owners do not care at all about the dirty smelly faeces that their pets deposit on other people’s gardens, cat faeces is as bad, if not worse, to health than dog faeces

Last week I collected 31 deposits of cat faeces from the pebble section of my driveway- disgusting is the only word I can use in this paper.

It seems that cat owners have no responsibility to their pets, people go to work and put their cat outside and think nothing of what it is up to - well it is prowling round other people’s gardens and dropping faeces, cats do not litter their owner’s gardens.

I will be glad when the Government make it an offence for cats to be outside and that they must be kept indoors.

There is not only the health hazard from their faeces but the fact that in this country, cats are responsible for killing up to between 65 to 80 million small birds and small mammals every year.

If you ever wonder why the bird population in your gardens has dropped, it is because cats are a predator and love to kill small birds and mammals, not to eat – just to kill.

If like me you are disgusted at the unwanted cat faeces in your gardens and the decimation of our wildlife by cats, then get in touch with your local MP and complain, and support the introduction of the law making it illegal for cats to be outdoors.


Linacre Woods